Making a Home Out of This City

One of my personal goals for my recent move to Corvallis, OR has been to make this place another city I can call home. I did it before in Bellingham (after some kicking and screaming– a.k.a., first quarter of college), and I did it again in Seattle. I like to think that I’m doing a fairly good job of settling into Corvallis now.

Yesterday was the residence halls’ move-in day, so my building was teeming with new residents and their families. I made the decision to open up the Honors College office on the first floor of the building in order to get a few tasks done, but I quickly realized that it was a nice place for a moment of Zen. Even with all the commotion outside, I was able to relax once everything was set up. Bonus: this office is one of my workspaces for the upcoming school year.

After hanging around my hall for awhile, though, I took a short walk to Interzone. I was warned that this particular coffee shop was the “hipster” coffee shop, but I really enjoyed it, and the coffee was good. Although I have visited The Beanery and liked that as well, Interzone is much cozier– and within walking distance. So, I think I have found my local coffee shop (for now). Although it’s no Stumptown, it will serve its purpose.

Today, I ran some errands downtown, getting to know my bank’s location and browsing at, well, Browsers’ Bookstore. I picked up two books in great condition for $10. Loved it!

To wrap up my off-campus “home hunting,” I went to the co-op and picked up a few things. Although buying at co-ops is generally more expensive, I am usually very happy with the quality of food I find there. I came home with a big bag of groceries and household goods, and I was quite satisfied with that content feeling, knowing that I have a local co-op to turn to, just like I did in Seattle.

Upon my return to the hall, I noticed that my floor was having a floor dinner at one of the dining halls. This particular dining hall serves sushi; I was a bit skeptical, but I love sushi, so I joined in. It turns out that not only is the sushi pretty good, but there’s a whole Japanese (and other Asian fare) grill in that hall. Chicken katsu? Korean BBQ ribs? Udon soup? I told one of the residents that the only thing missing was Filipino-style chicken adobo. Comfort food is pretty much at the tip of my finger (and if you have to ask, one of the other dining halls serves pho).

All in all, I’m pleased with this progress. Although I still miss Seattle, I am not resentful for having moved to Corvallis. I think that speaks volumes to the progress I have made in the past several years.

Now, it’s off to anxiously anticipate the season six premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

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