In the Meantime

Yesterday’s computer set-up process was way too smooth for today’s to be any good. Yesterday, I got onto the network in one of my new offices, got all the required folders, everything looked great– yay, happy times for all.

Today, I called up the tech people to hook up my computer(s) in the other office, and everything went wrong. Okay, not everything, because the only thing that went wrong was the fact that the computer couldn’t detect the correct network.

Which means I couldn’t log on or do anything else. And tech couldn’t figure out why the network wasn’t available.

Instead, I rearranged some furniture in the office, then switched buildings to draft e-mails to send out next week for recruiting assistance for various events, and then I made a draft of a “HEY! DON’T EAT IN HERE!” sign for a classroom. I also worked on various other tasks that needed to get taken care of, and then I decided it was time to eat.

I live an exciting life.

Actually, last night was fun. There was a “fall harvest” festival in the dining area of the hall I live in (did I mention my GTA is a live-in position?), and the RA’s, RD, and I all ventured downstairs for some rather good food. Pulled pork sandwiches and berry cobbler? Yes, please. It was a good way to connect with the RA’s here, and as I told my boss today, “I figured it would be nice to let them know that one, I’m not a big, scary grad student, and two, I’m actually not a first-year student, despite what my size and appearance may say.”

Off I go again.

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