Football Fan Fail

I should have saved this entry for Friday, but it was too much fail to be contained for that long.

Basically, I’m attending an NCAA Division 1 school for grad school, and for every home game, OSU releases 6,000 student tickets. Well, guess who’s a dummy-dumb and wasn’t one of the first 6,000 to reserve a ticket for what could be the largest non-conference game played here ever?

Yeah, that’s me. Terrible.

What’s worse is now I am basically assured to not get a real-life ticket for the Civil War, which is the big OSU vs. U of O game. (OSU gives priority to students presenting all five home game ticket stubs when the C.W. tickets are released.) The game happens to be taking place the day after my 25th birthday.

Now, realistically, I actually don’t enjoy sitting in the stands doing nothing during a football game. I’m accustomed to either being in the band or being a cheerleader. The few football games I’ve gone to as just a spectator were awkward and, let’s face it, kind of boring for me. So, in a sense, I suppose it will be okay if I’ve failed on this front this season so far.

I guess this just means I’ll have to plan a big “Beat the Ducks” 25th-birthday extravaganza or something.

This is trivial, I know. In all seriousness, I’m simply trying to stay calm and collected as my assistantship officially begins tomorrow. On the outside, I’m doing a great job of this. On the inside, not so much.

On another note, I will be hitting up Portland, OR on the 25th for some me-time (a.k.a., sugaring at Treatment), so if anyone would like to catch me there, let me know. Additionally, I will be in Seattle from the 8th-10th of October for a wedding. I plan on hanging out with the Super Ninja while I’m not actually at the wedding, but maybe I can see some other smiling faces as well.

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