Viva Fiero

Campus is beginning to emerge from its summer slumber. More students are arriving, and the RA’s are training. As we speak, firefighters are preparing to light a mock resident’s room on fire– which meant I had to move my car from the parking lot, or claim fire damage on my insurance.

I also met my supervisor and some other staff members in the office where I am assisting. It was nice to put faces to the names, as well as get a visual for where I’ll be working. Knowing that I have my own desk to create a personalized work area is comforting, in a strange way. I am sharing an office with the part-time office manager, as well, which reminds me of my time at my old job, where the other administrative assistant and our office manager sat right next to me.

Overall, I was fairly productive. I did fail on the “turning in my health insurance forms” front, though– Student Health Services is only open until noon for now, and I arrived around 2PM. Bummer.

Well, I think they are going to begin the bonfire… training… soon. That’s all for this Monday.

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