Yesterday, I officially began my career as a graduate student with orientation. The event lasted most of yesterday and for a few hours today, and it reaffirmed my anxieties and hopes.

With this shift, I have several things to deal with, such as adjusting to a new city, a new schedule, new people, new friends… you get the idea. However, to get the most out of my new experiences, I was told that I should recognize where I am at this moment in time.

What am I anxious about? Personally, I am anxious to first of all see how I pull off living alone this time around. My last experience with my own place was nothing short of a nightmare. Additionally, I am anxious about motivating myself to complete my work without procrastinating, with thorough and thoughtful content, and with the acknowledgment that I need personal time. I worry about not having enough hours in the day, with having to balance an assistantship, internships, classes, homework, and personal time.

What do I know right now? That I will succeed. Things have a way of working out. When I thought it was impossible to graduate in four years while balancing Honors coursework, cheerleading, a part-time job, classes, projects and papers, and a personal life– I proved myself wrong. I was able to do everything that I did by utilizing resources, pushing myself to stay on top of a schedule, and by remembering to deliberately take the time to have fun.

I have high hopes for myself because student affairs is a field that has the potential to mesh very well with my personality and my own hopes and dreams. Those hopes and dreams not only include making a positive impact on students’ lives, but also continuing to be a life-long learner, through travel and eventually establishing a home in a city I love, working at an institution I admire and respect.

I cannot get through the grad school experience alone. I have old friends to reach out to, a very special friend that I can call on, parents to talk to, cohort members to collaborate with and vent with, and staff, faculty, and other leaders to look up to.

I think what it comes down to is this: When everything seems overwhelming, when it seems that everything is impossible…

I will believe in the impossible.

2 thoughts on “Re-orientation

    • Ardith says:

      Thanks! I will enjoy it, though I’m super-anxious to start piecing together my work and class schedule; I’ll calm down after that.

      I’m sure you’ll have to answer some questions for me about specialization and whatnot sooner or later!

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