Lazy Labor Day

In honor of the people who basically established the American middle-class, I am curled up on a friend’s couch, underneath my Slanket. I hate to say that I am not well-versed in the history of Labor Day, but at least I’m not drinking my life away in honor of history.

I am still in the midst of my Seattle “vacation.” I hate being a visitor in the city I called home for only a year, but it has given me the chance to explore a few more new things. As I said to my former roommate and others, leaving the city before I exhaust my interest and its potential is a good thing; it leaves Seattle as a future option for a future career. But who knows what grad school will bring– maybe opportunities on the East Coast or abroad, or maybe I will take a personal leave of absence from work, focusing on travel and volunteer/internship opportunities, or maybe focusing on matters closer to the heart. Time will tell, vamos a ver.

I am happy that I am breaking from the model timeline I drew up about two years ago. No longer do I feel like a failure for not wanting to commit to a “plan.” I will be like a feather on the breeze, and for now, I will have to be happy with doing well in school and making others laugh.

Furthermore, I love eggs benedict.

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