Leaving it All Behind

We still get internet at the old apartment. Yes, it’s official– my Capitol Hill apartment is my “old” apartment. Most of my possessions are now in a one-bedroom apartment on Oregon State University’s campus.

I’m going to grad school. That means leaving behind Seattle, old friends and newer friends, an underdeveloped romance, city lights, and so much more. But it also means new friends, new experiences, new landscapes, and new chances.

Doesn’t mean that I didn’t have several crying breakdowns over the last week. For an adventurer, I sure am emotionally attached. I’m still insecure about many things, even if I display outward confidence. That doesn’t mean I give up, though; it just means I have a lot to work on.

Here goes anything…

One thought on “Leaving it All Behind

  1. citysidewalk says:

    go get em’ le tigre! You’re going to do awesome in this next stage of your life- and that’s for darn sure bloggy friend. Luck!

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