What is Beautiful?


It’s the jackpot of adjectives. It’s the one word that makes my heart swell with joy when a boy I adore says, “You’re beautiful.”

Not stunning. Not even gorgeous. Definitely not cute or pretty.

Just… beautiful.

But why is that? What is it about one word that evokes feelings of worthiness and importance and validation?

I look at a sunset. I say, “That’s beautiful.” I read a poem I like. I say, “That’s beautiful.” I see a photo that captures emotion and tension and light and peace, and I say, “That’s beautiful.”

When someone calls me beautiful, I fully expect them to mean I evoke a full range of emotion in them: aesthetically pleasing, but offering love, heartache, and possibility somewhere in this soul of mine.

There has only been one whom I’ve cared about that’s looked at me and said, “You’re beautiful.”

It’s meant everything to me.

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