The Ever-Expanding “To Visit” List

I like to daydream about future travels. Such is the life of a girl with insatiable wanderlust. If I had sufficient funds and travel buddies, I would travel to the follow places within the general timelines.

Winter 2010:
– possibly back to Europe to hit up Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid (again), etc.
– late winter/early spring trip to Colorado

Spring 2011 (or 2012):
– Mexico (Manzanillo and/or Guadalajara)
– Las Vegas, NV (with the goal of seeing another Cirque du Soleil show)

Summer 2011:
– crossing fingers for an internship opportunity in one of the following places: Australia, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland
– otherwise, interning somewhere fun on the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington) or maybe shooting for a stint on the East Coast (Boston, MA; NYC, NY; Pittsburgh, PA)

Winter 2011:
– Philippines
– Australia/NZ

Summer 2012:
– backpacking trip/graduation celebration on Hawaii’s Big Island and excursion to Kauai

Please note, this list is not exhaustive. These are my priorities, but if you’re traveling somewhere notable, let me know– the world is my oyster. I shall serve it up raw, on the half-shell, and slurp it down.

At least, that’s what I assume the saying means.

2 thoughts on “The Ever-Expanding “To Visit” List

    • Ardith says:

      Of course! I’m trying to recruit folks for the possibly winter jaunts, and definitely for backpacking. I think the biggest problem is finding the funds to go, though… ugh!

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