Help! My wife is doing man things (via The Scrapheap Pastors)

Third time’s a charm for reblogging.

I had to take a break from my MWF schedule to share this post. I’ve maintained for quite awhile now that I will probably end up being the bread-winner in marriage. The author very well may have just described my future marriage: a petite, attractive, girly-girl working full-time is (surprise) stressed-out and messy while her husband tends to the home and children. (However, the author’s understanding of the whole situation comes from the fact that his wife was the homemaker for awhile.)

Makes me feel better knowing that couples can function in this “role-reversal” capacity and still have a sense of humor about it.

Help! My wife is doing man things It's been a fairly good source of humor for me to realize that now my wife works full time, and I manage the home, how much she's doing "man" things – the things I used to do when working a stressful job more than full time. She's a small, very feminine, good looking girl, who's girly in every way (her two main hobbies are shopping and eating out), so it's amazing how she's picked up all these allegedly "guy" habits. She dumps keys, sunglasses, d … Read More

via The Scrapheap Pastors

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