Why Anything?

Why do you associate with the people you do? And why do you all the ridiculous things you do?

Why don’t you engage in more debate?

Why is anything anything?

Asking for intellectual challenge can be exhausting yet rewarding.

Answer of the first:
There are several factors that contribute to my usual choice of close friends and our antics. For one, we all share similar senses of humor. But what does that encompass? We all share a child-like appreciation of play– throwing water on each other with plastic cups, making faces in photos, quoting things out of context, jumping off objects, trying to wrestle each other, etc. Yet at the same time, we are all intelligent; we perform well in academic subjects and produce quality work. Additionally, we all possess high emotional intelligence, which causes us to interact and react well with others. I have a very flexible personality, which allows me to have fun with people and their different personalities.

As far as shenanigans go, it’s probably a manifestation of being social outcasts at one point or another. Now that I’ve grown up, I appreciate making people go, “Hmm.” Females, in some people’s eyes, should be quiet, polite, and pretty. I try to always be nice, but my manners aren’t always textbook. I am definitely not quiet, and often times, not that pretty. I also feel one of my purposes in life is to simply make others laugh. To do so, one has to overstep the boundaries of the normal. I am bigger than life when I want to be funny.

Answer of the second:
Debate, as in oral debate, does not suit my way of thinking. As I explained to the Super Ninja, I am much more apt to observe others in discussion, form my own complex trains of thought, sit on those for awhile, and then come to a conclusion. Also, my avoidance of oral discussion stems from the agitation and fluster that accompanies my fragmented thoughts; trying to express myself without fully following one train of thought leads to a break-down, as I touched on a few posts earlier.

Now, it should not be assumed that I don’t like intellectual stimulation. I would just much rather have the opportunity to contemplate a topic adequately, and then write about it. (That’s why my essays are usually superb.)

Last answer of the day:
Things are the way the are because of experiences I can and can’t remember, and more and more, things are the way they are because I am learning to listen with my heart. Not everything makes sense that way, but it feels okay.

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