Personal Branding

All over the interwebs, people are talking about so-called “personal branding.” This presentation of self– especially as a job seeker– is interesting, stressful, and extensive. Personal branding incorporates how an individual not only appears, mainly online, but how an individual sets him- or herself apart from others.

As far as I go, I like to think that my personal brand is diverse. One can see through my blog that I enjoy delving into ideas that focus primarily on student affairs, my own personal Quarter-Life Crisis, travel, and life and love in general. However, looking through my Facebook or Twitter, one can also see that I’m a bit wacky and have an extremely outgoing, fun personality. And if one is particularly astute, one will pick up on the fact that I am incredibly book-smart, hard-working, and dedicated.

They will also pick up on my confidence. Yes, I have my valleys where I feel defeated or tired, but overall, I view myself as a pretty[,] awesome young lady. (And no, the Super Ninja, that doesn’t mean I have a big ego. Confidence and arrogance don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.) Part of this new-found confidence was due to finding a nickname that suited me.

Throughout my childhood and into my high school career, it seemed that no one could settle on a good, solid nickname for me. People tried “Ardy” or “RD.” Some tried “Arth” or “Aardvark” or other names that just didn’t quite work. They were cute, but they were flimsy nicknames. They made my name sound lame. At least, it sounded lame to me, and that’s kind of important.

It wasn’t until college that someone finally got it right. My “big brother”– he was a sophomore who took me under his wing– started calling me “‘Dith.”

‘Dith was sharp-sounding. ‘Dith was right to the point. Most of all, ‘Dith did not make my name sound lame.

‘Dith was here to stay.

So, what’s in a [nick]name? Apparently, when done right, there’s a whole bunch of confidence, some rebranding, and a world of opportunity.

Now, it’s time to make some personal “business” cards.

3 thoughts on “Personal Branding

  1. Carrie says:

    ‘Dith? I like it, would never have come up with it though. I kind of like Aardvark. 🙂 I went through a period of being called Carebear and South Carolina, oh dear.

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