A Tale of Several Cities

Moving sucks. The psychological stress that comes with moving is not something I like to deal with. With that said, I have not been doing a good job of working on the logistics of my upcoming move to Oregon. I need to get a U-Haul truck and get heavy boxes in and out of the truck. I also need to either suck it up and learn to drive the stupid moving truck, or bribe someone to do it for me. And on top of that, I still don’t know how I’m getting my car down there.

But– as much as all of those details are awful, the reason I move is because my life is also moving. Think about it. Moving illustrates that my life is not that static, and I can point at it and go, “Hey! Things happened then! That’s why I had to leave [city] for [new city].” In honor of my upcoming move, here’s a small recap of all the moving I’ve done since leaving my hometown (in which I lived for 15 out of 18 years).

Bellingham, WA –  Why the move? I went to college. I left East Wenatchee for good ol’ B’ham. And B’ham gave me new perspectives on the world around me, brought wonderful people into my life, and it also got me a college degree. I became a bit more conscious of my own health and the environment around me, too.

Everett, WA –  Why the move? I got my first full-time “big girl” job. Everett taught me all about my weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Seattle, WA – Why? I ended my lease in Everett and realized I need-need-needed the city. After moving to Seattle, I was able to see in hindsight what I need to stay happy: friends, culture, and activities. Moving to Seattle was the best decision for me. My well-being was 1000x better in Seattle than it was in Everett.

Madrid, Spain – Why the move, you big ol’ crazy? I wanted to travel and I got a one-month volunteer gig. If I hadn’t moved to Seattle, I don’t think I ever would have gone to a city as big as Madrid. I knew what I needed to do to stay sane in the city– and I reached out, made new friends, and went out and explored. Although it was a short-term relocation, my time in Madrid taught me about my strength.

Corvallis, OR (coming soon!) – Why? I’m going to grad school. People I talk to seem to be concerned about my adjustment to small-town life. Fear not, I grew up in the Wenatchee Valley and know what it’s like to be in a smaller city. I’m a bit anxious about that aspect, but from what I can tell, Corvallis will still provide me with friends, culture, and things to do.

So, in conclusion: here’s to the future… soon. In the meantime, I am going to savor my last few weeks in Seattle– this city is downright amazing, although I have a feeling that there are many places that will feel like that to me.

Adventures, ahoy!

One thought on “A Tale of Several Cities

  1. Elizabeth Hofeldt says:

    I think Oregon will be exciting for you!! I have heard wonderful things about it – and maybe you will even meet Allie Brosh if she moves there!!! I would like that alot. Lols. Alot.

    Also, you will not have to pump your own gas in Oregon – bonus!!

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