I’m Workin’ on It.

By “it,” I mean some fairly good posts.

This is not one of those posts. No, instead it’s a Monday post coming straight from an incredibly sleep-deprived ‘Dith. Good things happened this weekend, like a friend’s Seafair party and delicious eggs benedict. Oh, and I finally made it to the Seattle Art Museum for first Thursday, a.k.a. free day. Not technically the weekend unless you count it from a college student’s perspective (“The weekend starts on Thursday!” I never ever ever said that during my college career. *wink*).

I realized I move in about twenty days. That’s crazy talk right there, but I am definitely ready to get back into the academic grind. It’s going to shake up my relationships and lifestyle, so I’m preparing for that.

Anyway, things are alright. In the meantime, watch this:

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