Wedding Blitz 2010

I make this look good.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride...

Thank goodness there’s no way I’m getting married this summer… unless I somehow find myself confused, amorous, and in Las Vegas. There is so much going on between all my friends’ weddings that I am teetering on the edge of mixing up which event belongs to which wedding.

As it stands, I’m dateless for all of the weddings. It wasn’t an issue at T’s wedding, since I was part of the bridal party. At Mrs. Hofeldt’s wedding, TUBFE is attending sans-male counterparts, so that’s also not a problem. I still have an open “plus one” for the last wedding, which I would have offered to the Super Ninja, but he already has duties as a bridal attendant for a different wedding. (On that note, there are so many weddings happening that weekend. It’s like an international holiday, I swear.) I suppose here is where I should say, “Guy friends, vie for my attention and tell me why you would make an excellent date to a formal wedding.”

Speaking of guys, I’m always amused by the customary social separation of “the men” and “the ladies” during wedding festivities. I understand the basis and tradition behind it. But as a young lady, it would be a big, fat lie to say I have never thought about how I would deal with my own festivities because of my posse of male friends.

It turns out, though, it’s not really an issue. With the advent of co-ed bridal parties, “couple’s showers,” and other related goodness, the traditional gender barrier won’t be a hurdle for me. My ladies are all aware that they may very well have to fight some male friends for the Maid of Honor/Man of Honor position someday in the far-off future.

More importantly, the fellas are still going to have to fight over who the Real Best Man will be, a.k.a. The Groom. First thing’s first, right?

For now, I’ll focus on packing for my California adventure in which Mrs. Hofeldt will actually attain the status necessary to change her last name.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Blitz 2010

  1. Reynor says:

    I’d be a great date for a formal wedding cuz let’s face it, I already dress pretty dang nice. Plus I’m not bad with hair.

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