Finding a Niche

My blog is about life, plain and simple. When I started blogging after college, I thought it would be a good way to record for potential employers my professional development and thought processes. More recently, I thought it would be a good way for others to explore one person’s Quarter-Life Crisis, which is why I’ve been somewhat active on and been plugging my posts into Facebook and Twitter apps.

Neither of those things have really happened. (At least not to degrees I’m wholly satisfied with.)

Currently, my blog seems to be a general record of my travels and other life happenings. At the very least, and I’ve said it before, it’s a way for my family and friends to have more insight into what I’m thinking and how my life’s path is developing. It’s my preferred method of sharing events, as opposed to weekly e-mails.

I still want to share my blogging with others outside of my family/friend circle. I haven’t really told anyone that I’ve submitted applications to blog for a small company that caters to the QLC (which I should say is still simply amazing!), mostly because I’ve applied twice and been rejected twice and I still handle rejection like a 14-year-old girl with a bad crush. I was really hoping this last time around that I would get good news. Instead, I was turned down for one reason or another, which, no matter how it’s worded, always filters through as, “Your blog sucks, your writing isn’t that good, and your adventures aren’t as cool as other people’s.”

It’s a totally irrational way to feel, and I know the way I’m living my life is just fine. My writing skills are also just fine, but please feel free to tell me if my sentence structures bother you. EDIT: In addition, I still don’t handle things like, “You don’t really have the qualifications we’re looking for in this job position” or “We should just be friends” in totally mature terms. When I got a whole slew of assistantship rejections at my dream school, I was crushed. There was a day where I got rejected from my “last hope” and almost had another melt-down. …I have mini melt-downs a lot, don’t I?

I hope that I can find an appropriate outlet when I get more involved with student affairs. Perhaps my other bloggy callings lie in contributing to SA blogs. Or vlogs. Hmm…

ANOTHER EDIT: I didn’t really tie any of this together, but what I should say is I am still learning to deal with rejection or let-downs by making them lessons. I have often overcome these low-points by not giving up. When I say that I was the captain of my college cheer squad, what I don’t usually tell people is that I was cut from cheer try-outs my sophomore year and dance team my junior year in high school. I came back senior year, made the team, and used the momentum there to make some impressive changes in my life.

Things have a way of working out; I tell myself that one opportunity closing means it wasn’t right at that moment or that something that is a better fit will come along.

Enough of that, though– can I just say I’m so thrilled that Spain won the World Cup? I almost cried when I saw the camera shots of the crowds in Madrid. If only teleportation was an option…

One thought on “Finding a Niche

  1. Reynor says:

    I’m pretty sure Spain won the world cup because you happened to grace the country of my ancestors’ ancestors and they happen to be Spanish. Perhaps some of your ancestors’ ancestors were from Spain too?

    Those Spanish. They got around.

    Regarding your meltdowns… I’ll call you during mine and you are more than welcome to call me during yours. I almost had a meltdown this weekend and I thought, “Who should I call?” Well now you’re on the top of the list.

    So far, you’ve been a pretty good meltdown preventer, seeing as how I managed to impress people with your hair a few times.

    Now that you know you can call me during a meltdown, I’ll let you know that I don’t like your sentence structure. Ha ha. Just kidding. But as a former reporter and newspaper editor, I’ll tell you what your posts need: Focus. Pick a topic and write about it and only it. If you have other things to write about, write a second post. Trust me. It will help.

    Peace out, g-girl.

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