Let Me Tell You About My Weekend

Well, she did it. T really got herself married on Saturday.

What at a celebration, too. The festivities started pretty much the minute I rolled into town. After I grabbed dinner at my parents’ house on Thursday night, I went over to F&S’s house to play with The Winner of Games, F&S, her husband, and T. We had a good time, looking through F&S’s wedding photos, reading a book about cats (yeah, whattup), and even getting in a late-night shopping trip to Safeway. We stayed up way too late, which meant that waking up for mani-pedi day was a chore.

Mani-pedi/rehearsal day was wonderfully entertaining. I wish I could have video’d the entire day, just so you all could really understand the people in my awesome life. There were moments like T getting momentarily irritated that one of the other bridesmaids hadn’t shown up at the house yet, where we were meeting– only for F&S and I to say, “Actually, everyone’s here; we’ve just all been waiting outside,” causing T to recant and admit that she was a terrible host.

Or like the entire bridal party realizing that the nail salon probably hated us because out of the eight of us, only one of the girls regularly gets manicures and the rest of us don’t know how to act in nail salons.

Or having to split up the party on the way to rehearsal because we were missing one bridesmaid– we sent T off with her parents (or maybe the groom’s parents) and waited for the Winner of Games. We had to then fall back on a contingency plan, telling TWoG to meet us at the venue, and then driving T’s car on our own up to the mountain. T called us right after we left and we told her the change in plans; T then commanded us to meet her at 7-11, where she had been dropped off.


We pulled up to the Wenatchee 7-11 (not the 7-11 close to T’s parents’ house, as we originally thought) to spot T standing on the sidewalk, drinking a Slurpee.

Without missing a beat, Little Foot (T’s PMBFF from college) pulled into the parking lot, scared a Ford truck half to death, and parked. We all then yelled at T to get in the car. And then we shared her Slurpee on the way up to the venue.

Fun fact: Three of us have blogs.

Heading to rehearsal

The actual wedding day was also full of (mis)adventures, including salon appointment time mix-ups, my “hangriness” almost destroying us as we waited, and the eventual solution to wander down to the liquor store only to have to camp out for about 15 minutes until opening time.

Mini-bottles of liquor definitely come in handy to counter those pre-wedding jitters, by the way. Last-minute idea for a bridal party photo not working? Instead of standing around, getting huffy with each other, why not suggest everyone retreat into the “stuff tent” to take one last shot? That’s what I did; it worked out beautifully.

Overall, the day was a bundle of emotion for me. Hangriness, sadness upon realizing I will most likely never have a father-daughter dance at my wedding, excitement, irritation, etc. etc. (and I was just a bridesmaid, oh for cryin’ out loud)… But overwhelmingly, the day was fun and filled with laughter.

As I said many times that day, in light of all the quirks and silly moments that came up, “This is exactly how I have always imagined T’s wedding day to be– and I love it!” And in the end, our little T was gorgeous, happy, and married to the love of her life.

(And there was cake. I love cake.)

I am happy for my friends that are taking marriage as the next step in their lives; for me, my next step is grad school, which will hopefully entail a lot of personal growth, blogging, and travel. I can’t wait to dive into student affairs. I’m figuring things out, slowly but surely.

I was told we were having a pool party.

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