Things That Make You Feel Like a Child Again

“Wetting the bed.”

That was my initial response during the “Family Feud” round at trivia the other night.

And as I write this, I will admit that my teeth kind of hurt because I just ate half a bag of Skittles. Before dinner.

Second time in a month that I’ve subconsciously broken that old childhood rule of “NO CANDY BEFORE DINNER!” The last time I did it, I ate a whole bunch of sour gummi worms and then spent the next half an hour or so with a stomach ache. Also known as a tummy ache.

I am convinced that my childish ways will never completely diminish. In a way, I think it’s because I had so much responsibility as a little kid; as my responsibilities changed as I got older, I retained enough sense to balance responsibility out with imagination or laughter or just plain ol’ fun. Yes, sometimes I chase birds simply because it’s amusing to me. Yes, sometimes I stay up late for no reason. Yes, I take naps. And yes, in a way, I love playing dress-up– except nowadays, that’s called “going out.”

Even so, I know I’ve grown up. I just always assumed that when I grew up, I would have to abandon my weird sense of humor or my overactive imagination. That’s not the case. Growing up has meant learning how to take care of myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s meant having to learn how to make my own decisions. It’s also meant learning how to appreciate the opportunities and the people in my life more than ever.

What I’m getting at is, maybe I do things that are childish, but appreciating those childlike moments of joy allows me to balance life’s growing responsibilities. I will dream and imagine, and it is that quality that will help me continue to grow.

And yes, I’m putting off cleaning my room by writing this post. It’s not like anyone can put me in time-out or ground me. So there. Deal with it.

Also, I will be taking a few days off from blogging to recharge my brain and to focus on my duties as a bridesmaid for T’s wedding. These duties include drinking wine and dancing, but I take them very seriously.

Also, also, I’m just going to say it because I’ve been quietly excited about it, but the Super Ninja comes back to the United States next week.

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