Made You Look

How many points is that worth?

It’s not the heat... no, wait, it’s totally the heat.

My mind cannot handle the uncomfortable temperature of my room right now, and as such, I think I’m experiencing heat-induced writer’s block.

I tried blogging about the bridal showers I’ve been to recently. I tried blogging about Seattle Pride. I even tried blogging about the notebooks I just found containing awful, awful writing from approximately 2000 until 2005. (I’ll probably get around to telling you all about those later. Along with my awful, awful Livejournal posts. Stay tuned!)

However, nothing seems interesting enough to write about tonight. Not that those topics weren’t all great things. I’m not even tired, but I feel like I should maybe go for a nearly-midnight drive, or make a milkshake, or just lie around and daydream some more. I’ll probably go back to reading and drink some lemonade, which doesn’t sound all bad.

I could tell you about how I’m considering picking up a part-time job for the summer, or how I’m anticipating Super Ninja’s return to the United States, or how I’m going to watch Star Wars Episode VI really soon and couldn’t be more excited. I could also tell you all how I’m anxiously awaiting my return to higher education this fall.

But I won’t tonight. Instead, I’ll leave you scratching your head, waiting for more, wondering, “What just happened? I feel cheated”.

I’ll get to those things I talked about earlier when I feel like digging deeper. I’ve got drafts started on most of them; don’t you worry your pretty little face off. For now, I’m off to poke around in the freezer and then return to being a bookworm.

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