Ramble On

A magical land, indeed

Narni, Italy

Still dreaming of waking up in faraway lands. In a few months, I’ll probably be dreaming about essays and chapters out of student development theory textbooks, so I will relish it for now. Also, I am already working on saving up for my next trip. I knew this would happen.

Some things have come up in my personal life that are keeping me in Wenatchee for a bit longer. That’s okay. I’ll be in Seattle for a few days, then back on the east side until the 14th or so. It’s not like I have a job to go to. I am antsy to get back to my place, though, and settle into my room and put my new books on the bookshelf. Oh goodness, I can’t wait. Also, I need to get things out of storage, sift through those, and boot ’em over to Goodwill.

My recent jaunt to Europe showed me that I can be happy with minimal stuff. Granted, if you saw me at all in the past few months, you would have ogled at the size of my backpack and the fact that I had Rojas in tow, my trusty carry-on suitcase. I’m the worst backpacker ever. Regardless, there are a lot of things I need to get rid of; I hold on to too many items I “might” use, like the Winner of Games said during her recent downsizing.

The downside is having to haul the stuff to the thrift stores. Or outside of the house, at that. I hate moving things, it’s true. Yeah, yeah, maybe I’m a bit lazy. I’m trying to combat that, too; one thing at a time.

I really have nothing much to say today. It’s raining here, and the back porch reads just over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Welcome to summer in the PNW– I’m even on the “hot” side of the state.

Now, it’s on to chores and tasks and things like that. Maybe I’ll make it to the bookstore, too.

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