System Overload

When I was in junior high, I used to rag on Britney Spears for using filters on her voice. I detested her as a singer.

However, at some point in time, years ago, I realized, “Wait a sec– this girl is so much more than just a singer. She’s an entertainer. And she is incredible at that job.” That’s when I flipped my view on B. Spears. And about that time, I started allowing myself to enjoy more mainstream music, and that eventually lent itself to me developing a renewed passion and interest in dance.

Nowadays, I can’t get enough of B. Spears, Lady Gaga, T-Pain, etc. and so forth. When I saw on Hype Machine that there was a leaked demo from Britney’s Circus album, I jumped on it– why? Because it was a leaked demo of “Telephone,” which is stupidly catchy (ya did it again, Gaga). The demo is heavy on Auto-Tune, and I’m fine with that.

Somewhere, my junior high self just facepalmed.

Speaking of my junior high self, remember how I kind of wrote to my past self a few weeks ago? Apparently, my past self wrote back to me. My mom told me I got a piece of mail at the house, and it’s from 10 years ago. Creepy coincidence. I won’t be able to read it until I return from Europe, but I can’t even imagine what my junior high self would say.

I’m winding down my time in Madrid, and today, I’m seriously debating going to the Thyssen museum or just vegging out at J&J because I’m over being touristy in Madrid. The other day kind of solidified that. I’ve told some of you about the ridiculous day I hate, but in a nutshell, here’s what happened:

I was woken up way too earlier by this: “MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW MEW.” I thought it was the girl I tutor running around, acting like a cat, but it was actually a kitten. I don’t know where said kitten is anymore, but that thing would not quit mewing. At 8AM. Which isn’t that early, but it’s early by my current standards.

Once I made it to el centro, I trapped myself in the Movistar (cell phone) store. Like, could not figure out how the door opened on the way out. It took maybe 5 minutes of me standing helplessly in front of it until a salesperson opened it for me.

Then the best part of my day: It was so windy, I got a seed blown into my eye. One second I was fine, the next I was being stabbed in my left eye with the tiniest knife available. I continued walking towards the Paseo del Prado, crying out of one eye.

Longer story short: Thyssen is closed on Mondays. I went to the Reina Sofia museum, and I was so hungry, tired, and angry by that point, I literally spent 45 minutes in the museum. It would have been a full hour, if not for the giant line outside and the rude family that tried to cut in front of me when we finally got to the ticket booth.

Later that night, the ridiculousness was further proved when all the machines in the complex gym decided they didn’t want to turn on for me. And the worst part? All the instructions were in English. So, thanks, Treadmill. I’m glad you’ll work for everyone else in the gym, and not me. One of my friends here blamed it on the “electricsexy.” It overloads the systems, and I guess since I’m American, I operate on a different voltage. A powerful combination.

I was going to tie this post together with a quick blurb about how over the years, I’ve been really good at several things– writing, dance, piano, etc.– but I’ve never been The Best.

I guess with me, you can’t separate all the things out. I’m a package deal. I am more than the sum of those separate aspects. It all boils down to awesome.

So never mind. Can we just focus on the fact that I got attacked by tree pollen the other day in Spain?

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