Checking in with my 2010 Theme

Back in January, I introduced my theme for 2010, Believe in the Impossible. It’s just shy of four months since I wrote that post, so why not do a quick check-in?

At the beginning of 2010, at the Stratejoy workshop I attended, I let go of a lot of negative energy that built up while I was living on my own in Everett. I also made a list of other things that were bothering me that I planned to address. Unfortunately, several of those things proved themselves to be true when I found myself very single. It was incredibly upsetting to realize what I had been feeling was all true. However, by waking up every morning and reminding myself to just believe in the impossible, I was able to take time to reflect, grow, and ultimately, heal much quicker than I thought.

I was doubtful in the beginning that I could ever love again, that I could ever find someone with whom I would want to share my hopes, dreams, and soul. Could I be brave enough to put my heart out there one more time?

Short answer: yes.

In addition, I now realize that I am able to face my fears and succeed.

Did I get into graduate school? Yes, and not only that, I was accepted to a program that really resonates with me. I got an assistantship, I am entering a field that I am passionate about, and so far, my fellow classmates seem just as excited about student affairs as I am.

Did I leave the country and travel alone to a foreign city? Yes. Did I make new friends in the city? Yes. It is still surreal sometimes to think, “I am in Europe. I have been in Madrid for almost a month.” How did this happen? Simply, I didn’t shrink away from the opportunity. Even though it was nerve-wracking, I did it. I’m here, and I’m mere days away from visiting Erin, then traveling to Germany to spend several days with Super Ninja, then embarking on a travel whirlwind with another friend. This is crazy.

But it’s definitely not impossible.

And I won’t stop here. No more telling myself “I can’t because…” If I want something to work, I can make it work.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Checking in with my 2010 Theme

  1. Mary says:

    I totally understand what you are going through and the feelings that come with finding your own happiness by following your dreams! I’m glad you could make your dreams come true. I’m in the process. I got sponsored to study abroad in Indonesia and will be leaving soon. In the Fall, I will begin graduate school. I had to take a huge risk, but it’s been so worth it! I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. Isn’t living life like this so much better? I have to thank my QLC for it. LOL Did you ever read the book “The Best Year of Your Life?” It’s really good. It helped me a lot during my QLC.

  2. suki says:

    This is great! 🙂 I just signed up for the Stratejoy 30-day program. They have a name-your-price system, so it’s affordable to all.

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