The Best Thing About Being a Blogger (Guest Post)

This post was written by Alissa from The Corporate Chick. We’re participating in 20SB‘s Blog Swap! Enjoy! – ‘Dith

I never thought I’d be writing about me…on a blog – even someone else’s blog, no less. But, Hi. I’m Alissa and I’m a blogger.

So, people ask me, “Why do you blog? What do you write about?”

I mean, really, why would you want to pour your heart and soul into writing something that possibly no one would read? Why put so much effort into something that is a speck of kilobytes out in the millions and gazillions in cyber space? So much effort for so little in return.

So why do I do it? What’s the passion in it for? I blog because it makes me feel different. It gives me a piece of mind that I am a human being with emotions and a heart. These words spill onto the pixels of my screen, forever (well, as long as I pay my hosting server). I feel alive as my thoughts pour onto the screen. I’m documenting my life as if it’ll go out of style. I guess sometimes it my little place of “me”, where I can be me and nobody cares or judges me. Call me the Corporate Chick all you want, but I know who I am on my blog.

But, sometimes, we meet others that have the same feelings, emotions and hearts. They speak to us on late nights through the glow of our monitors. These pixelated people become our cyberspace friends. They have names, but no faces. Emotions, but no tacile trace of feeling. But, yet these friendships keep us coming back to reading eachother blogs, sharing the little things in life and the big.

Blogging connects us to other people. The world is becoming a smaller place (hello, I’m in Ohio and I’m writing on a blog that’s on the other side of the USA!). I think that’s why I enjoy blogging so much. I write, I share, I feel and I’m more a human being. I’m not my corporate job, I’m not a wife or a social sercurity number. I escape into a land where opinons are listened to and people seem to care.

So, the best thing about blogging to me, is that I get to travel the world, experience sights and people that I might never get to meet, and if no one reads your blog, at least you can escape the daily grind to remind yourself that you’re alive.

I know, I may have lost you with a deep post – or you think I’m a complete nut job (no, I don’t eat paint chips!). But, I encourage people to blog and the most common response is, “But, I don’t have anything to write about.”

Yes. You do. What do you think about, what did you do today? Everyone sees the world from a different point-of-view and you’re not blogging for anyone else but yourself, and if that’s the case – you probably shouldn’t be blogging.  But, you never know, once you get those words onto the screen who may read them and think you’re really interesting or completely relate to you.

I challenge you to write a blog for yourself. Be honest, feel for yourself and no one else. Take a few minutes to see why I think the best part of blogging is escaping. But, also, take time to read other’s blogs and really listen to them and take time to comment. You’ll be surprised of the relationships you may build.

Oh, and only because I have to share some cupcake advice, as Ardith did on my blog…if you’re in Ohio, get some cupcakes from Main Street Cupcakes. See, I already have something in common with my fellow blogger swapper – CUPCAKES. Now who doesn’t like cupcakes?

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