Attention Deficit

I’m kind of a bum. I won’t lie. I’ve been sitting around the house, looking up places to check out and how to get there, as well as catching up with mis amigos still in the U.S.A. and some travel buddies. Additionally, I’ve been reading A Separate Peace because I never finished it before grad school interviews. It’s going by quickly; luckily, I found a copy of Catch-22 in the closet here.

I can’t decide if I’m going to try and go to O’Neill’s tonight. There’s a language exchange happening, as well as some travelers from that will be there. However, I’m catching a cold and since I was so sick for so long, I’m afraid if I do anything stupid (a.k.a., have a drink and stay out late), I’ll be even sicker. Stupid body. I’ll probably sit this one out, do some shopping and chores tomorrow, then try to catch up with the intercambios on Thursday or Friday. And hopefully get out and meet up with some people this weekend. That sounds okay, and maybe I won’t get totally, terribly sick. Ugh.

I had some instant coffee about an hour ago. Definitely bouncing off the walls right now. That doesn’t help colds, but it turns out, the farmacia downstairs did not have cold medicine. Or at least what I was looking for (DayQuil). They did, however, have baby bottles, condoms, and nicotine gum. So I bought all of that instead and threw it together into a pot, and maybe that will help me? (JUST KIDDING.)

I need to calm down.

So, this week and weekend will be dedicated to getting out, meeting people, and doing things within the “don’t get sick, stupid” range.

The following weekend, I have a visitor coming to town, and we are going to adventure. A lot. I’m looking forward to it.

Right now, I need to work on not making my desk look like a crazy reclusive writer’s space.

2 thoughts on “Attention Deficit

    • Ardith says:

      Thanks! I woke up feeling much better today, so I guess it was a good idea to take it easy yesterday. I even went adventuring today. 🙂

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