To the Center of the World

Or at least to the center of Madrid. Whatever.

Ready for some pictures? No?

How ’bout now? K. Let’s go.

Frappuccino: It's the same word in Spain.

This is all I did today.

Just kidding. I did other stuff. I took the bus into the Puerta de Alcala, and then walked a whole bunch. I saw a lot of really cool places I’d like to check out once I get some adventuring buddies in Madrid; eating alone in a strange city isn’t exactly high on my list of things to do.

However, I did get a lot of people-watching done, and I got to see several places that, up until now, I’ve only been reading about.

Chariots! And horses! On the roof?

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

All this for a wild strawberry.

Madrid's Jumping Bear in the Puerta del Sol

Lots of good food around. Lots of people to watch, too.

Plaza Mayor

I’m in awe of the architecture in the area, and I’m also a fan of how much there is to do. Like I said earlier, it isn’t nearly as fun when you’re bumming around by yourself, but it was still very cool. This is a fairly touristy area, so I caught some American and British English floating around, as well as some French and German. That made me feel less weird about my sub-par Spanish skills.

For the record, the barista at Starbucks spoke English. Note to self: Just ask if people speak English first before totally embarrassing yourself with bad Spanish. Or is that culturally ignorant? Well, then again– I suppose it’s entertaining to watch a small girl like me fumble through Spanish. So never mind. I’m going to keep fumbling.

6 thoughts on “To the Center of the World

  1. SassyGirl says:

    Good call on the biscotti! I heart biscotti, so I heart people who heart biscotti.

    Also, looks like the people/architecture-watching went well. I’m going to Europe in a month, starting off in Barcelona. I can’t wait!

    • Ardith says:

      Biscotti is delicious! I’m glad we share this interest. 🙂

      Ooh, have fun! I’m hoping to make it to Barcelona on my way towards France and Italy.

  2. brandi says:

    I lived at Starbucks my first few days here. I was trying to make some friends there! HEHE! Can´t wait to meet up and show you around, I have made many friends that I can introduce you to. Some are staying till late May, one is trying to teach out here long term. Either way, you will love it here! My first week was the hardest, I felt exactly like you did! Now it’s all good!

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