Baby Steps.

Several things happened today:

1. I ventured out of the house on my own and walked a good ways to a grocery store. It was on a fairly busy street, and there were lots of shops around. I’ll check them out soon, I hope.

2. I almost caused a car accident while waiting to cross the street. A guy driving a van ran the red light, noticed there was a pedestrian (me) waiting by the crosswalk, slammed on his brakes, and almost got rear-ended by a bus. A BUS.

3. Someone wonderful made it to Germany. I know at the latest, I’m going over there on May 10th. I can’t wait, to say the least.

4. I accepted my offer of admission and an assistantship offer at Oregon State University! I’ll be moving to Corvallis in the fall, and I’m very, very excited to start my grad school career there.

5. I ate ostrich for the first time today. It was delicious.

6. I’ve been helping the kids with math, but it’s a bit difficult since that’s not one of their subjects that is taught in English. I won’t lie, though– it’s kind of fun that way.

7. I bought my first pack of Filipinos, the snack cookie. Yes, that’s right– Spain carries a line of snacks branded “Filipinos.” The Philippines filed protest several years ago over it; the snacks are still around. (They’re delicious, although it’s weird to be a half-Filipina eating a Filipino. Hm.)

I suppose that’s all for tonight. I’m going to try and make it to the Centro tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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