The Gateway

I decided that holding hands is the gateway to feelings, not kissing or anything else. Just holding hands. Look, if you like someone enough to hold their hand, then you like them enough to spend time with them and learn who they really are. If you’re lucky enough to hold hands with me, rest assured that I want to appreciate you for all you are.

It’s funny how life goes sometimes.

I arrived in Madrid, Spain yesterday. It’s still all a bit surreal, and I’ve been a recluse, sleeping for at least 75% of the time I’ve been here.

My flights over were great. Delta fed me way too much food. It seemed as soon as I finished one snack or meal, another one appeared. I’m not complaining. I was impressed with their selection of in-flight entertainment. I had tons of movies to choose from, and they were all fairly new releases. I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and part of A Single Man. I stopped watching A Single Man because I think the boy next to me was watching my screen. I switched to music for awhile– some country*, some down-tempo, some pop. I even slept for a bit on both flights.

Anyway, the family I’m staying with is taking good care of me. I’m anxious to get into the language assisting portion of this volunteer gig, and I’m even more anxious to get out of the house, explore the city, and eventually just travel for a few weeks. I’m also looking forward to seeing a certain face, one that should be arriving in Germany in just a few days.

*Someone got me back into listening to country. I say “back into” because I was a huge country fan when I was a little girl. Regardless, thanks. And I kind of feel like a sap during some of the songs. In a good way.

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