I’m so sorry.

I’ve been neglectful.

Nah, I just really wanted to hook everyone into thinking I had a heartfelt post coming your way. In reality, I’ve just been so sick the past few days, and that’s set me back in my trip planning.

I need more ideas for English lessons. And I need to go to a book shop and get some more materials. I’m so incredibly nervous about teaching two kids how to converse in English. 5 weeks. 3 hours a day. Aaaahhh! But I’ll get through it. And there shall be adventures.

Found out another friend will be in Europe while I’m traveling. In fact, he leaves a week after I do. Looks like I may have to add Germany to my “To Visit” list. Right on.

I got a storage unit the other day. It’s pretty cute. 4’x5′. Big enough to store a few boxes and whatnot. I realized I don’t have that much stuff anymore; it’s mostly furniture that takes up my space whenever I move. The subletters that have been looking at my room are all okay with having their room furnished, i.e., I don’t move any furniture out of there. I’m cool with that, too.

I could write about some more things, like how I need someone to hook me up with a sweet, sweet summer job in Seattle. Or how someone should totally buy my car (it’s a pre-recall era Toyota Corolla– she’s awesome) while I’m gone. Or how I almost forgot what it feels like to have butterflies.

But instead, I’m going to try and breathe through my nose for an hour or so. Allergies plus this out-of-this-world cold are kicking my booty right now.

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