Adventures and a Cold

Just a few more weeks of Seattle living, then it’s off to a new world. Funny, since I’m going to Europe, and isn’t that the Old World? Regardless, I’ll be teaching two kids how to carry on English conversations for a month straight. Monday through Friday, 3 hours a night. What do I do with them? I’m bringing games, origami, cookbooks, crayons, and a mission to get some headway on my dinosaur/princess story. I’m sure a 7- and 8-year old can tell me what Mr. Dinosaur and The Princess have to say.

Then it’s onward to a few weeks of adventuring. I’m ready to not have a schedule and to see what the world brings me. I had the chance to Skype with my friend who is living in southern Spain; it was a good chat. We even discussed how it’s kind of nice to have an amiga who isn’t engaged or married or about to get engaged. I need that right now, no offense to my friends that are in serious, committed relationships. I’m now to the point where I’m having a fine time flirting and exploring my options.

One thing I’ve recently realized, too, is that this round of singleness is different than before; this time, I’m confident. This time, I like the person I am. I think that’s a game-changer. I feel like I was apathetic the last time I was single. I was just kind of dealing with the fact that everyone around me was in a relationship and I wasn’t. I wasn’t looking, and I thought I was pretty cool, but now I just think I’m downright awesome. Not in a cocky way, but in a “yeah, I’d hang out with me if I were someone else” type of way. So that’s good. A new development in my world.

In other new, I’ve caught a cold. I am not pleased, and this is going to negatively influence my activities for the next few days. I was going to bake cupcakes today– delicious Guiness and Bailey’s cupcakes. But no. Instead I’m going to lie around and take care of myself.

Oh well. It’s a good excuse to get some pho.

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