Can you still be awkward if you’re comfortable with your awkwardness?

(I submit that the answer is yes.)
This question came up while I was hanging out in West Seattle for the first time ever. Is there a word for feeling comfortable with your awkwardness? I thought maybe “quirky” would be alright, but I have a feeling too many “quirky” people are insecure. So I don’t know. Any ideas?

On another note… and a different topic… Continuing my theme of things you should consider if you want to date me…

Look, potential dudes, I don’t really care if you don’t have your life figured out. I don’t have mine figured out.

All you need to know is that you want me in your life, whether we live 4 blocks apart or 4 states apart. You’ll move mountains to be with me. And I’ll send you a hand-written letter every week so we don’t have to worry about “Why didn’t she call? Where is she?”

That sounds okay, right? For me, that takes care of the pressure associated with either staying in my current city for grad school or moving to a different city (and state) for grad school. I’m trying really hard to at least return to Seattle for the summer because my “30 Before 30” list may be updated with “Have a Seattle summer” very soon. I want bonfires on Alki and at Golden Gardens. I want Paseos Cuban sandwiches. I want late sunsets and walks downtown. I want to hit up the restaurants on Capitol Hill and walk everywhere so I don’t get horribly fat because I keep eating. I want to have a real summer with my friends in the city because I didn’t get that the past two summers after graduation.

So let’s do this.

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