Soul Patch-up


These are words that sum me up in a nutshell.


And these are the traits that are going to make me an awesome student affairs professional.

However, I have to make a decision as to where I’m going. My #2 school just blindsided me with an amazing assistantship offer; after finding out what the program does, I used the words, “This is exactly what I want to be doing,” to describe how I felt about it. If I were to accept the offer, it would mean taking on at least the median amount of debt a private-institution Master’s candidate normally does. Would it be a worthwhile investment?

Well, I would hope so. I’m waiting to hear from one more school, and then it’s time to weigh my options between my top three.

I’m going to have to do a lot of reflecting and really consider what I need for the next two years, and where I’m not only going to be challenged, but where I will be happy. I have a lot to weigh in on, but like my mom said, she’s confident I’ll pick the right path.

I just wish it was easier to know what’s right.

2 thoughts on “Soul Patch-up

  1. citysidewalk says:

    ahhh! Good luck- I’m applying for an assistantship which I would die to have! You’re already on your way girl!

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