I’m back in Seattle after a few days out in lovely Colorado. My soul loved the sunshine and climate; my skin did not share the same sentiments, however.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been participating in admissions/assistantship interviews at several schools. Here are a few things to share about my “rites of passage” into the world of student affairs:

– Starting the “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” chant with a fellow candidate at a downtown restaurant is awesome.
– “SA-HE! FOR GLORY!” is an excellent battle cry
– “All the SAHE Ladies” would make a good song
– Ice cream is a great way to make new friends
– It is okay to blame your coffee addiction on being from Seattle
– Lactose intolerance can be a great conversation starter and topic for bonding
– Waking up early is still totally lame
– Having a “token Canadian” in your interview group is a lot of fun
– The SA field is filled with really great people
– “International opportunities? Ooh, take me to New Zealand.” “Yes! We could both go, and for our practicum, we could first take the ring to Mordor…”
– Enlightening someone else on to the glory of pub cheese, and how if we both went to CSU, we would bake things all the time– like corn muffins with jalapeno-cheddar pub cheese frosting.

Also, here’s a fun story about flying:

I hate flying. My flight to Denver culminated with a child screaming, “I WANT TO GET OUT! I WANT TO GET OUT!” because she was so terrified of the descent process. Guess who else in the seat DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF SAID SCREAMING CHILD is terrified of the process and the entire flying experience?

Anyway. I may have plugged my ears to retreat into my own personal shelter, and I looked rude, but the whole situation stressed me out way too much.

Moving on, though, as we taxied in, I noticed Frontier Airlines (the fleet with the cute animals on the planes’ tails) had a plane with baby penguins on the tale. All I wanted was to fly out on the baby penguin plane on my way to Seattle. Unrealistic, but it’d be so cute, I thought.

Well, it turns out that the Denver-Seattle flight tonight was ON THE BABY PENGUIN PLANE. They displayed a picture on the digital reader board at the gate with the baby penguin plane, and it simply said, “You’ll be flying with Jim, Joe, Jay & Gary today.” I didn’t know if the picture was a generic promo picture they were using or who JJJG was, so I asked the lady taking our boarding passes if the plane I was about to get on was the baby penguin plane.

Yes, it was, and there were even baby penguins on the winglets.

Baby penguin plane made the turbulence a bit better, but dang, Seattle, that was a bumpy descent. Not cool. Not cool at all.

But anyway, I’m delirious from travel, socializing, interviewing, and waking up early. It’s off to bed for this girl.

One thought on “Hazy

  1. ashley says:

    Penguin plane!?!
    Did you take a picture of the logo for me?

    I can’t wait for you to get back, I have a bucket of mail labled “I don’t know” for you.
    And a new pengui surprise.

    P.s. I didnt get the job- but there is good news that comes with that- I’ll fill you in on Wednesday

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