Here I Am.

Rock you like a hurricane.

Any exciting revelations in the past few days? Let’s see. …No, not really.

Life is pretty normal right about now. I’m trying to figure out what to do with half my possessions in the next month and a half. I’m also trying to figure out how and what to pack for my interviews. On top of that, I’m trying to make sure I present myself as genuinely yet competitively as possible.

I interview on Friday and Saturday at Oregon State, fly out to Colorado State on the 24th and interview until the 26th, then it’s back to Seattle for a final round of interviews at Seattle U. from the 28th-March 2nd. These are my top 3 schools, so these interviews are crucial.

Other than school (ooh, that’s so good to say again), I’m just trying to keep myself entertained. I’ve been reading, going out a bit, and trying to purge my closet. I have two huge bags of stuff I’m going to try to sell to Buffalo Exchange, and the rest of it will go into the donation pile.

Additionally, I still have to hammer out my travel itinerary. It’s daunting, and I have a feeling that I won’t get anything done on it until after grad school interviews are over. Yikes.

My friend and I went to Captain Blacks last night, this wonderful bar/restaurant on Capitol Hill. They serve soul food fare in a place decorated like a pirate ship. Well, it’s really just decorated in nautical-themed stuff, but I’ll say it’s pirate decor. Anyway, it was delicious, and I was pleasantly surprised to find fried pickle  spears on the menu. I absolutely adore fried pickles. The Beaver got me hooked on those when I was an undergraduate, so to see them on the menu at another awesome bar was great.

We also hit up Cupcake Royale on the way back home. That place is just simply amazing.

That’s all for today. I’m done sending out an onslaught of e-cards to my friends, so I suppose I should get pretty.

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