Today, I looked at my calendar. I have five pay periods left in my career at my current job. I’ll be in a strange country in a matter of weeks. What the what am I doing? It’s completely overwhelming, but the mundane details of getting there are completely awful.

In the vastness of the interwebs, stories seem to pop up about people who “sell everything they own” and move abroad. Nowhere can I find a site that tells me how to sell everything I own. Craigslist? eBay? A yard sale? Which is the best method here? And how do I emulate this, especially knowing that I’m not only leaving in a few months, but returning and moving to another strange city? Do I keep my bed? What about the stuff I do want to keep? Should I just truck it back to my parents’ house where it will sit with free rent?

Ugh. Logistics: Difficult to comprehend without a spreadsheet.

So, I guess my first step towards minimizing my stuff will be a spreadsheet. Followed by a slow sell-off of extra clothing, books, appliances, etc. Yikes.

I welcome any and all donations to my travel/sanity fund.

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