There’s been a lot of hubub about the “undercover” Starbucks coffee shops that opened up around my neighborhood. Specifically, it seems like some Seattle-ites are angry at the multi-national corporation for rebranding itself and posing as an indie shop. However, let’s step back for a second.

If I were a multi-national corporation and I realized that, “Oh no, I’m stretched out too thinly, and my brand has been diluted,” I could take several courses of action. One would be to ignore the situation and keep opening stores. That’s probably the dumbest and least profitable idea ever. The other would be just to simply close a bunch of stores. But would that help the brand?

Another course of action would be to explore a different concept, something that embraced the locality of where the corporation started up. WEIRD. Turns out, trying to be sensitive yet maintain success in the corporate world is met with backlash– like hipsters calling you a poser. Hilarious.

I don’t know, I guess I’m okay with the idea that a Seattle corporation, despite its immense size, is doing something interesting on a local level. I hope that other giant corporations would take a moment to step back and do something beneficial. *coughcoughBOXSTOREScoughcough* And hey, McDonald’s, QUIT TRYING TO BUY OUT THE LAKEVIEW DRIVE-IN IN CHELAN.

3 thoughts on “Caffeinated.

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m with ya, but that’s probably because I’m a diehard Starbucks fan. Mention of the chain is featured in my blog at least twice weekly. Still waiting for my payout.

    • Ardith says:

      Maybe they’ll send you a pack of Via! 😉

      As much as I love my indie coffee shops and their delicious coffee, I’m just happy that a corporation is aware enough of how people perceive what’s going on. Opening 15th Ave. Coffee & Tea isn’t going to make everyone excited about Starbucks, but at least it’s a visible response from “corporate America.” Or something like that.

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