Oh boy. Travels?

I really want to fast forward to March. I’ll hopefully have some offers from schools by then, and as such, I’ll hopefully be able to make a decision.

I also really want to take a trip to Europe. Spain and Italy, to be precise. Spain to see my good friend, Erin, and Italy so I can make it to my “homeland.” I have a cousin of sorts who is a mayor in a small municipality up north; it would be nice to see where the ancestors all came from.

I had the realization today that I could totally sign up for one of those “college break” tours, too. I don’t have to backpack alone with confusing train maps. Not that that’s an adventure I’m knocking, but I’m an inexperienced traveler. A very tiny inexperienced traveler. Being tiny has its drawbacks sometimes. Usually there aren’t very many, but traveling alone with a heavy backpack is definitely a drawback.

You should have seen me arrive in Hawaii. I took my backpacking pack instead of a suitcase (actually a really awesome idea), and when I prepped it for the plane, I snapped all the clasps and whatnot together so nothing would get caught on any of the belts. Well, one five and a half hour flight later, I’d forgotten about that. Cut to small girl almost falling over, trying to get her arms through the main straps and failing.

Seriously. I snapped the center chest strap and didn’t figure out what was going on for a good while. I’m sure the other tourists noticed, but hey. It’s in the past. I’ve made a fool of myself since then and will again, til the end of time. Probably even after I die. I’m amazing like that.

Anyway. I was talking about taking one of those tours sometime. That’d be nice. I was initially afraid I’d be too shy, but people tend to like me, so I think after a week and a half, I’d at least make some new Facebook friends or something.

Okay, well, I’m going to gawk at grad school and travel websites now. Wish me luck.

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