I’m Back in the Game

(No, I’m not, but it was a good lead-in.)

I would just like to share how absolutely lame I feel right now. I just sent 4 “flirts” online. What I am, 12? Maybe we can have a web cam chat next!

Ignore me; I’m just angry. I went out to a bar on last night, and after observing the dudes there, I lost all hope in humanity. The only decent-looking non-bro in the bar kept trying to pick fights with people. Seriously? And all the guys playing pool were awful. It’s times like those when I realize how valuable C’s pool skills were– for one, he taught me not to look like a total moron when playing pool. Secondly, it usually meant that our group of friends had an extended reign over pool tables at bars. *le sigh*

Moving on.

You may ask, “But Ardith, why don’t you go to a real classy joint and hit on some guys there?”

…are you an idiot? You don’t go to a nice bar to try and pick up guys. YOU’RE BEING RIDICULOUS. All those guys are either: 1. gay, 2. dating a real nice, pretty girl, or 3. pretentious. There is no gray area, my friends. (I’m being stubborn.)

Conclusion: I’m not ready to start looking. I’m not even into the idea of finding a “rebound.” I’m apathetic to the whole thing right now. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I figure out whether I’m going to be staying in a city for grad school or moving out to the country or the mountains. We’ll see.

On the plus side, at least people aren’t asking me when I’m getting married anymore.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Game

  1. Barbara says:

    I have definitely felt the exact same way you do. It sucks trying to find someone decent. It seems like when you finally give up, someone will come by that is actually worth something. And LOL about the guys at the “nice” bars. That is so true.

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