One Giant Leap for a Short Girl

My seven graduate school applications are in. Yes, I applied to seven schools. And yes, I spelled “graduate” wrong the first time I wrote this out.

I filed my FAFSA today. It’s amazing how much easier it is to fill those out when you don’t have to calculate your parents’ tax information. Once I realized that, I also prepared my taxes for this year. I’ll be getting money back this year (didn’t expect that), and it will immediately be put into my travel fund. I have enough money to fly to Europe, and now I need money to live on once I get there. Also, anyone want to ditch everything and go with me? My original plan of traveling with C is shot.

This week has had its ups and downs. I can’t help but notice that this stupid week of rain began exactly when C decided he wanted to end everything. It’s like I’m in a Hemingway novel. It doesn’t help that work has been really, really slow. Too much time to think. Not enough websites to stare at.

Anyway, back to grad school. I’m really anxious to find out where I’ll be accepted. I’m really anxious to figure this piece of the puzzle out.

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