An Introduction

Hi everyone. This is Ardith, currently stationed at the Island Coffeehouse in Langley, WA. Next to me, there’s a group of kids talking about finishing up their college applications. I remember the excitement I felt over applying for college. I also remember being incredibly nervous.

I was pursuing a degree in music, but I hadn’t quite thought out my path when I got to my first (and only) audition. I remembered thinking I could follow in my band director’s footsteps, making band a memorable experience for high school kids.

However, as my first quarter progressed, I was unhappy. I was unhappy with my choice of major, and I was unhappy with my choice to leave home. I spent many weekends back in Wenatchee, WA, staying at my parents’ house and hanging out with my high school friends.

I decided to drop music as my major. After wrestling with what I wanted to really do and that communication was a “fake major,” I applied for admission into the communication program. I wanted a field that was versatile career-wise. Communication not only provided that, but it provided me with the chance to really dig into the workings of human interaction. What’s not versatile about that?

After graduation, I had a new outlook on life. No longer was I going to be a music teacher, I was going to be a…

actually, I didn’t really know. 

I thought maybe international business would be fun, or marketing, or even working at an airport. Nothing sat right with me, though.

Right about the time I decided I was undecided, I moved. I again moved away from my friends and the city I called home. I downgraded to a city with few people my age and a seedy reputation. When winter set in, so did the hopelessness.

I’m convinced I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I’ve never visited a doctor about it. I know I should. Anyway, if you’d like to read my downward spiral, it’s located at Word Whirl Too.

I slowly came out of my low point when I moved to Seattle. I got a roommate (I know her from college), and there are things to do in Seattle. There are also people my age. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.

That brings me up to now. I’ve almost come full circle, but I’m still in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. I think I know what I want to do now with my life– student affairs administration in higher education– and I’m applying for grad school.

The thing about this possible career is it sits well with me. I’ve never settled on a field for more than a few weeks until now. Of course, I’m still nervous.

I hope this works.

Now you know a bit about me. Where are you in your journey?

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