It’s Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, the holiday that was commissioned so that there would be a national holiday in fall. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it. I do love Thanksgiving.

However, I decided early this morning that a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving would be to have a different type of meal every year. Like one year, take everyone out for dim sum. The next year, have a traditional Italian spread. The next year, a Filipino fiesta!


Because Thanksgiving can mean whatever you want it to mean. My mom, dad, and I celebrated one year with steak. That was the one of the most memorable Thanksgivings in my lifetime.

Of course, we tend to have small Thanksgivings; usually, the highlight is going shopping with my mom the next day. I like to do that because we get to spend time together and we get good deals on my birthday presents. It’s strategery at its finest.

Anyway, this year I am celebrating at my boyfriend’s mom’s house. I work early tomorrow, and that’s okay. I’ll hopefully save some money that way, right?

Okay, well, I’m thankful for the changes that have happened recently in my life. I’m thankful for my family and friends. And I’m thankful that it’s my birthday next week. 😉

2 thoughts on “It’s Thanksgiving!

  1. Erin says:

    im thankful for YOU!and thats a good idea about the food….although i would love a good turkey and pumpkin pie right about now hahaha…

  2. Ardith says:

    Hehe, yay! Oh my goodness, Erin– I wish I could get you some of the turkey we had yesterday. It was amazing, like "falling off the bone" amazing turkey. But now that I've shared that, go eat something delicious and Spanish!And ALSO, I heard that the USA is possibly going to have… (get ready)… a pumpkin pie filling shortage! Apparently, the Midwest was so soaked, that the growers supplying to Libby couldn't get as many pumpkins harvested as usual. So there may be fewer pun'kin pies this Christmas. How weird is that? <33

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