Today is a lazy Sunday. I tackled a 12-egg omelette with a friend today, and I’m still in a food coma. That’s alright. The tasks I need to take care of are mostly Internet-based.

I’m still feeling restless. There is so much I need to do. Beyond my work routine, I need to somehow force myself back into the gym and back into the dance studio. I’m also pushing myself to read more books and write more. Along with that, I’m also trying to get 7 graduate school applications done. Truth be told, it’s only 6 since I turned in one to Seattle University already.

I’m restless because I want to know where I will be next year. I want to be focusing on my career, and I want to be doing whatever I can to make sure I’m enriching my experiences with adventures. I’m also trying to do all this while saving money. I’ve been selling books, collecting clothing to sell, and looking half-heartedly for a second job. And to top it off, I’m stressed out about where C will end up after he graduates.

I blame all my stress on my moment of clarity, though. If I had never been driving on Highway 2, just outside of Cashmere, as the sun set during an early autumn evening, none of this would matter. I would be wrestling with which business path I wanted to pursue, and which suburb I would be moving to (actually, which suburb I would have been living in right now).

But no. I just had to go and suddenly realize where I belong in life.

It’s too bad that moment didn’t give me a clear-cut path for getting there.

Anyway. I’m going to finish up some essay questions, drink some ginger ale (totally organic and totally delicious), and fantasize about the places I want to go.

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