Just Calm Down

Sometimes, I forget that I’m a big girl now, and like another blogger said, I have to schedule my hang-out times with my friends.

And that means I need to start being the person who actually texts and calls.

Old habits die hard, but I’ll get into the swing of things. Right? Sure.

Last night, though, I was also reminded that I can still go on adventures. Three of us decided– while eating ice cream– that more ice cream was necessary. Specifically, they wanted peppermint shakes.

Tip: Baskin-Robbins is usually open late enough to cover your “I need ice cream, and vanilla won’t do” cravings.

One thought on “Just Calm Down

  1. Erin says:

    oooooh how id love to go on a random adventure with you right now :)but i do agree about having to schedule time to hang out with people, as weird as its sounds, its totally true.where did our childhood go?

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