K’s Missed Point

K thinks I should mention her more in my blog.

Unfortunately, that type of request comes with the prerequisite (that word just took me 7 or 8 attempts) of fitting into this jumble I call my quarter-life crisis. Since I didn’t enlighten anyone with my wisdom tooth adventure– and let’s face it, how enlightening is 4 days on the couch, watching Man v. Food and popping pills?– I will entertain my readers (all…3… of you) with an introspective piece about my friends.

Also, my Vicodin just kicked in.

Let’s start with my high school friends. We knew each other through several different paths, whether it be through biology or band classes, through a friend who was dating a dude in a group from another school, or even from chance encounters, like sharing the same birthday.

Today, I know that most of those friends are still there for me, even though they’re scattered here and there– some back in Wenatchee, some in different states, and some even in different countries. I know who my best friends are, too, because we can pick up our friendship like we never spent weeks or years without seeing each other. The technology called social media helps alleviate the distance, but it doesn’t remedy the distance.

My parents always worried that I was friends with too many boys and that I would never have a good group of girlfriends from back home. Well, I’m happy that I do have a group of friends who share silly memories from high school: TUBFE. I’m not discounting any of my other friendships, but it’s good to have those girls as best friends. I also can’t believe that three of them are getting married in 2010. Anyway.

To add to that, not only do I have wonderful friends from my hometown, I met amazing people in college. What would I do without them?

Actually, I know what happens when I can’t be around my friends as much as I want: everything goes haywire. Last year was by far the most bleak and depressing year on file for me. I don’t like to dread going back to the city in which I live, and I don’t like living alone. I don’t like only have phone or online contact with people. I don’t even like to inundate my blogs with terrible poetry.

I made the right choice in moving to Seattle. I can deal with a commute, as long as it means I’m closer to several friends. It doesn’t make me closer to all, and it makes me further from some, but it’s okay. I feel alive again.

My roommate Heidi and I just walked down to Cupcake Royale and had warm drinks and apple caramel cupcakes. That was something so simple, but I value things like that much more now after experiencing near rock-bottom last year.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on about how great my friends are. But instead, I think I’ll get ready for bed and take an extended Vicodin nap.

Also, E, I’m going to go to Spain, one way or another.

Also, K, you’re a face.

…this whole post wasn’t too trite was it?

One thought on “K’s Missed Point

  1. Kate says:

    nah. its not trite. its awesome. like me. :Dwestern washington, whilst filled with significantly more awesome places to go to, is somehow intensely depressing if you're trying to live there on your own.

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