Lesson Learned

Today was unremarkable. I had one thing to look forward to, and that was a book club meeting. It was a chance to meet new potential friends and start getting back into reading.

Small problem, though. I’m not good at taking the bus yet, and I didn’t want to pay for a cab. I tried to drive to the meeting spot, and subsequently ended up driving around for half an hour. There were pay parking spots, cash only, for $4. I had $3. Boo.

Case in point, I missed my book club. On the upside, one of the girls should be e-mailing me with any choices they make as far as books and/or meeting times. But seriously, lame night.

I registered for an ORCA card and a library card, though. I suppose that’s good.

Oh, also, I can push forward on graduate school applications because I took the GRE. Hooray!

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