Sunny Day Real Estate w/ The Jealous Sound

I bought tickets to the SDRE show the day they went on sale. How could I miss this reunion tour? And how could I miss a show at The Paramount in Seattle, SDRE’s hometown? (Honestly, though, it passed me that they were a Seattle band for years and years.)

Anyway, I’ll make this short. The concert was better than I hoped for. The opening band was really good, and I ended up in the front row. That last part surprised me– Kyle and I had to slog through Everett-Seattle traffic after I got done at work, and I was sure we were running late. Guess not, though; the GA floor was still really open when we arrived at 8 or so.

One other aspect that made me smile: There were two girls who were standing in front of me for most of the first band’s set, and they were both 5’1″ or under. That never happens to me. Everyone who stands in front of me at concerts is at least tall enough to shove their mid-spine into my nose.

Regardless, the music was great, and the energy levels were high, both from the band and the audience. I’m still a bit in awe that I got to see this particular favorite band of mine play live. To put it in perspective, Diary, an amazingly wonderful album, was released in 1994; I was 9-years-old. The band went through line-up changes and broke up, ultimately, in 2001. I think it was around that time when I first discovered Diary.

Sorry, Britney and JT, I have a new favorite concert.

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