8th Grade Reading Level

Out of curiosity, I ran an analysis on this blog which determined the reading level of my page. As it turns out, this blog is somewhere in the 8th grade range. I apologize for that but not wholeheartedly. In fact, I don’t apologize at all. I’m going to retract my previous statement. If you want good blog reading, you should probably follow my friends, Ashley and Ian. They’re both pursuing advanced degrees in English or writing or something like that.

I, however, will be pursuing an advanced degree in higher education administration. More precisely, I will be pursuing a degree in student affairs administration or student development administration or college student services admin– you get the idea.

However, I won’t say that I wasn’t concerned when I saw the low grade on my page. I ran sections of my statement of purpose through the “grader” to make sure I wasn’t going to cheat myself out of hundreds of dollars; what I mean is, I don’t want my SOP to look like a junior high schooler wrote it. To my relief, the SOP passages came back at a much higher difficulty rating, putting me in the range of college graduates. (Phew.)

I’m pretty pooped from studying for the GRE. I would say that I can’t wait until Saturday for it to be done with, but the way things are going, I may have to take the exam again. Looks like the ETS just may get another $150 out of me. For what? Proving myself against the rest of grad school hopefuls, I suppose.

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