All About Flannel

Nah. That would be way too boring.

I generally dislike winter. Sure, snow’s pretty to look at, and sometimes I even go snowboarding or sledding, but other than that, snow/ice/cold cramps my style. I’m a summer girl; I feel and look better in the summer. It’s this simple fact that causes me to miss my Wenatchee summers. 90 degrees during the day! Tank top weather at night! Now that’s summer weather– none of this 70-degree, wussy stuff I’ve been living with for the past four years.

When fall and winter sneak back, I find myself struggling with clothing choices. I’m proud to say I expanded my cold weather wardrobe last year, and I’m continuing to do so. It’s almost to the point where I look good a majority of the time. That also means I have a lot of boots. I never thought I would be a person with a boot fetish, but I have a tub of boots now. It’s my treasure chest.

I suppose winter (note: I keep referring to fall and winter as just “winter.” Take that, cold weather.) does give me an excuse to snuggle up in blankets. I have an electric blanket, and it’s heavenly.

This post really has little direction, so I’ll end my rambling with just a few more thoughts.

One: There was frost on my car last night. Not. Cool.

Two: A dear friend’s wedding took place yesterday. It was so much fun– everything about the day made me smile. (And there were funfetti cupcakes.)

Three: Flannel sheets are awesome. I’m totally buying myself another set from Target when the ridiculous holiday prints come out.

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