Today, I updated my voter registration. I will be a registered voter in King County.


Also, Stumptown Coffee is amazing, especially on a Friday morning. And especially when coffee was out of the picture all week.

Leavenworth Oktoberfest tomorrow. They added several new beers. I’m excited for the crowds and the delicious smell of sauerkraut and brats.

If I were the president of the USA, and my hometown was in the running to host the Olympics, OF COURSE I would show up to support it. It isn’t a question of whether I’m liberal or conservative. Heck, if anywhere in Washington was in the running, I’d go crazy! Jeez. And if my city was running against other “cool” cities and didn’t get the bid, it would be absolutely ridiculous for people to tout it as a failure on my part.

Goodness. Seriously? The Olympics going to another city has become a talking point for conservatives? Get real. No way.

Also, protecting marriage does not mean blocking gay marriage. Reform the rules for anyone getting married. Or ban it all together. Do you really need me to dig up all my old debate notes on this topic? Again, get real. No way.

That’s the end of my semi-political rant.

(I would be much more composed and elegant with my writing if I felt it would reach “certain people on multiple sides (C.P.M.S.)” but since “C.P.M.S.” like to be immature about politics, then I suppose I can tone it down.)

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