New Dress

Getting a new dress is fun for me. I wonder if it would be more fun or less fun if I hadn’t gone through a strict “no dresses, no skirts,” phase in middle school. I remember wearing a long skirt once in 7th grade because our b-ball team was playing a game that afternoon. People were shocked. It may have also been accentuated by my boy-ish haircut.

I wish I had more dresses and skirts, and I wish I lived in a climate where I could where them all the time. I wish I still had an excuse to wear my cheer uniform. There’s nothing stopping me from doing that, except for maybe being committed to a mental institution.

Back to new dresses, though. The new dress I received today will be worn as a bridesmaid dress. This is the second time I will don a dress as a bridesmaid. The last time I was in a wedding, I was in 8th grade; it was my cousin’s wedding in NJ. This next time, it will be for my good friend, K.

And then I’m going to wear that dress on a date. Perhaps I’ll wear it to a ballet or a musical of some sort because the dress K picked is beautiful. I love everything about it it.

Except for one small thing.

It has stitching around the bust that doesn’t quite stretch enough for me to get it over my hips or shoulders without fear that the dress will rip. Once on, the dress is gorgeous and comfortable. But…

…I wrote this entire blog post to tell you I spent 15 minutes trying to decide how to get out of the dress. Then I spent another 5 or so trying to position myself into a dress-getting-out-of stance. I made it out okay and so did the dress.

My life is exciting.

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