Yo Patrick Swayze

This picture has nothing to do with anything in this post, except for maybe Idaho and weddings. Other than that, I just think it’s great. Check out C’s goatee. Moving on…

Another celebrity gone this year. Funny how it coincided with another engagement announcement. MJ dies; T tells us she’s engaged. PS dies; K tells us she’s engaged. I wonder if B killed any celebrities with her engagement.

I just had a horrible thought. What if, when I get engaged, Ben Gibbard dies? Or Justin Timberlake? Or Morgan Freeman? I think that would be enough of a sign for me to reconsider the whole thing. Blame it on being half-Filipino– I’m supersticious.

I’ve added a few more places to my “Places to Visit” list. Fiji and Puerto Rico are both on there, as well as the city of San Diego. Places I’d like to re-visit include Cannon Beach, OR and Priest Lake, ID.

On that same note, I’m thinking of booking a campsite for Memorial Day weekend 2010 at Priest Lake. I’m 99% sure C will at least be able to go with me, and we’re hoping a few other people can join. It’s a max of 8 campers and 1 vehicle, though, so we’ll see. If it all falls through and it’s only him and me, that’s fine; that will be our 3-year annivesary weekend, anyway.

I went shopping at the co-op just down the street. It was wonderful. I would have purused for longer, but I was hungry and knew I would spend way too much money if I did that. I came home, and I was ready to make myself a real meal, but all I wanted was a salad and some frozen yogurt. Not as hungry as I originally thought, apparently.

Anyway, please don’t ask me when I’m getting engaged. It will be a long time from now. In the meantime, please feel free to ask me about my plans for graduate school. I’ll be happy to entertain you with my ideas of where I’d like to study and what I would like to do.

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